* "It's the bomb!' My elbow has been giving me alot of problems for a long time! It discouraged me from working out and I became a little depressed! I tried The Lonnie Brace, and within a week or so the pain went away! I love it, I wear when I work out and even at work. GREAT Product!

-Rob Andrew King | Toms River, NJ

* "The numbness on my fingers went away within a week" I'm sometimes sceptical of these type of products but it worked. I'm very happy!

-Josephine C. | Freehold, NJ

* "Within 3 days my tendinitis was gone" Awesome brace, easy to put on, tight, and looks actually cool! I recommend to anyone who has elbow problems!

-Luigi Cozzolino | Barnegat, NJ

* "Could you give me a bunch of the braces so I can hand them out to my patients"

- Dr. Gendy | Millstone, NJ

* "I wear the brace all the time....in the winter my elbows hurt more, the velcrow is nice and tight!!"

- Joe Palmisano| Silverton, NJ

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person