The conception of the Lonnie Brace derived out of necessity. As a physician, I
had been plagued by injuries to my ulnar nerve at the elbows for years. Exacerbated during sleep, sitting at a desk or throwing a ball, the nerves continued to become irritated. Plus, the recovery from these injuries was slow
and sometimes never occurred. When I slept or sat at a desk, my elbows always came into contact with the bed or armrest, inhibiting the nerves from properly healing.

*Unfortunately, there were no good treatment options for the condition. Medications proved ineffective while surgery was a poor option. Plus, the
available braces on the market to treat the problem were cumbersome, difficult
to use and uncomfortable, making compliance wearing them minimal.

As a result I designed the Lonnie Brace to solve these problems. Specifically contoured, comfortable, and easy to use, the brace effectively helped my
injuries. Now, whenever, my elbow hurts or I am having numbness in the
hand, I wear the brace at night and at work to treat the symptoms.

Plus, the Lonnie Brace has effectively been utilized to treat tendinitis at the
elbow and other injuries plaguing the elbow area. Easy and comfortable to wear during sleep and while at work, the Lonnie Brace may be an answer to your elbow problems.

Dr. Stephen Martino is a board certified neurologist educated at The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Additionally Fellowship trained in nerve and muscle disorders, he currently practices neurology full times and is currently on staff at Rutgers New Jersey School of Medicine.

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person